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December 9, 2023
Israel and Its Satrapies Accuse Hamas of Mass Rape

Unless China intervenes with some of the courage the Palestinians possess and acts like a world leader and peace broker, the Samson option and the end of humanity it implies may well be the only option left open to us all.

December 7, 2023
Christmas Comes but Once – Or Is It Twice? – a Year

Christmas is a tense time, as people spend money they do not have on rubbish they don’t need and, worse still, must often consort with people they would prefer to avoid.

December 5, 2023
Sign Language Is Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Putin Propaganda

Although sign language, like any other language, will continue to evolve along with technology, that evolution must take place free from the impediments and myopic prejudices of the Kiev Nazis and their ideological Doppelgängers elsewhere.

December 3, 2023
Argentina’s Ghosts of Christmas Past Return

If Brazil and China are giving you bank, why make a problem where there is none? Why, unless you are in the pay of Uncle Sam and its Israeli sprog?

December 1, 2023
Napoleon, Austerlitz & NATO’s Apparent Dearth of Grand Strategy

To NATO, all its battles are black and white, and grand strategy is a matinee cowboys and Indians movie where they get to munch their popcorn

November 29, 2023
NATO Gifts India Russia’s Whiskey Market on a Platter

If the Indians sat down and decided to make world class porridge, then of course it would be child’s play for them. Just as it is child’s play for the Indians to make whiskey.

November 27, 2023
Is Dublin Burning?

As Americans tucked into their Thanksgiving Day turkeys, Ireland was rocked by its first ever mass stabbing of children exiting a Dublin kindergarten school.

November 25, 2023
Russian Diamonds Remain a Girl’s Best Friend

Should Russia’s diamond industry succeed in this trade war, then its diamonds will be a nightmare for NATO and the luxury goods chimera it feeds off.

November 23, 2023
Lessons for the Houthi/Hezbollah Alliance From Imperial Germany’s East Africa Campaign

Israel and the Americans will not stop until the Lettow-Vorbecks and Lavrovs of our own era make them stop.

November 21, 2023
It’s Gonna Be a Cold, Cold Christmas Without Bethlehem, Gaza, Armenia & Ukraine

Though Putin, Lavrov and Russia’s Armed Forces will be busier than Santa this Yuletide, even this Gazan genocide that NATO brazenly rolls out before our eyes is not a cause to despair.