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Former editor and writer for major news media organizations. He has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages

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December 9, 2023
Tories Get Brown Faces to Do Britain’s Dirty Work on Rwanda Asylum Dumping

Britain racist?! Oh poppycock, come off it dear boy, we have brown faces in our Downing Street cabinet.

December 7, 2023
Jesus Buried Under Rubble in Bethlehem

Biden, Netanyahu and all Western enablers are the Herod figures of today who 2,000 years ago massacred infants in an attempt to kill the Son of God.

December 2, 2023
Unable to Defeat Palestinian Resistance, Israeli Regime Intensifies Killing and Torturing Children

Locking children up and threatening their families with punishment if they show the slightest emotion is the dirtiest terror tactic.

November 28, 2023
War-Torn Yemen Shuts Red Sea Chokepoint on Israel and Shames the Impotent Arab/Muslim Leaders

Yemen may be slated as the poorest country in the Arab region, but it is emerging as posing the most potent threat to Israel.

November 13, 2023
From Proud Irish Son to Genocide Joe… Biden Denounced in Ancestral Home for Gaza Genocide

Biden has been labelled “Genocide Joe” by protesters in the United States and around the world who are incensed by Washington’s complicity in Israel’s mass killing of Palestinians over the past five weeks.

November 9, 2023
Voicing the Israeli Regime’s Criminal Insanity… Nuking Gaza to Destroy Hamas

The clumsy call for using nuclear weapons on Gaza by a fanatical Israeli politician was only problematic because it articulated what the U.S.-Israeli state policy is. Genocide.

November 8, 2023
Biden and Western Media Telling Outrageous Lies… This Is U.S. Nuclear-Powered Genocide

The Biden administration’s purported concern to stop a regional war is another cynical ruse, Finian Cunningham writes.

October 31, 2023
Israelis May Ask Who the Real Hostage-Takers Are: Hamas or Netanyahu Regime?

The criminal recklessness of Netanyahu and his regime will rebound with a vengeance, Finian Cunningham writes.

October 26, 2023
This Is What It Was Like to Be Indifferent to Nazi Genocide

The hypocrisy of the Western media is reflective of the unscrupulous political agenda of their governments.

October 24, 2023
From Balfour to Now (1917-2023), Western Duplicity Covers Israeli State Terrorism and Genocide

The cynicism and duplicity of Western governments in the face of an appalling, daily massacre of Palestinian civilians is monstrous.