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March 9, 2017
Erdogan Gives Germany a Public Slap Across the Face

The things European politicians have had to listen to from Recep Tayyip Erdoğan! Over the 14 years of his administration, this charismatic Turkish leader has managed to tally up a long list of the sins committed by the European Union and has often promised to make the EU pay a price for each of them…

January 26, 2017
The Coyote Uprising in America

Coyotes are small American wolves that live in large numbers throughout the country and are not much liked by the general population. They attack defenceless passers-by, children and cyclists. They scavenge in rubbish bins and steal food from farmers. A coyote's howl fills people with disgust. They also have a habit of mating with large, stray dogs, which produces a hybrid known as a 'coydog'. This hybrid is even more dangerous…

December 16, 2016
On the Forthcoming Elections in Germany: From Sex Mobs to the ‘Chancellor Act’

The election marathon in Germany does not start until 2017, but many of those involved are already actively preparing for it. As the old German proverb goes, he who starts early is halfway there…

October 6, 2016
Boris Johnson – the Heir to Neville Chamberlain?

Something happened in the international arena when Boris Johnson was appointed Great Britain’s foreign secretary. This «something» could be seen as a new timber to the hypocritical moralizing at which the Anglo-Saxons have always excelled. In Boris Johnson that creative fervor is coupled with flights of fancy, producing particularly rich fruit. 

October 1, 2016
Boris Johnson, a (Naughty) Child of Different Nations

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s visit to Istanbul on 27 September passed almost unnoticed in the European media…

September 22, 2016
Beyond the Elections in Berlin. Times Are Changing

What happened in Berlin was as expected: in the wake of the regional elections, the ruling CDU/CSU–SPD coalition has collapsed. The ruling parties suffered a serious defeat. The SPD won just 21.6 percent of the vote while the CDU won 17.6 percent and the two parties do not now have enough votes to form a government. And the balance between the winning and losing parties is such that there is no way the CDU can form a new coalition with another political party…

June 11, 2016
Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces Will Return to Syria

After most of Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces were withdrawn from Syria, the situation in the country began to change rapidly. The «New Syrian Army» was created on the Jordanian border, consisting of Kurds and Arabs under the command of American instructors. This is a fairly powerful, well-equipped group, tasked with laying siege to Raqqa, the «capital of the Islamic State», from the east…

May 4, 2016
NATO to Form Allied Fleet in the Black Sea: Plans Fraught with Great Risks

Finally, it has become clear what the world has been set to expect from the NATO summit to be held in Warsaw on July 8-9. Summing things up, it is clear that the Alliance is moving to the east. It plans to create a Black Sea «allied fleet». It should be done quickly – the standing force should be formed by July…

April 23, 2016
Erdogan as a Litmus Test for European Policy

Until recently, we thought that Europe stood firmly on European values and that these values were not for sale. Just think of the European media’s mockery of Islam. It seems that this popular pastime is justified by the fact that there is a long-established culture of court satire in Europe, where jesters were permitted to make fun of the crowned heads with impunity…

April 20, 2016
The New Riddle of US Foreign Policy

News agencies have been publishing some curious news stories. «The US believes that an offensive by Syrian government forces in Aleppo province could adversely affect the intra-Syrian talks due to begin in Geneva», said the United States’ Permanent Representative to the UN, Samantha Power.